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BlueprintFrom "The Blueprint" : "Congratulations! You just made the second best investment of your barbering career. The best investment was getting into school! How is this book such a priority investment? The Blueprint was written with the sole intent to help you pass your State Board Theory Exam! In order to become a licensed barber, you MUST pass your Theory.

NO EXCEPTIONS!!! If you are reading this, chances are, your test is coming up soon. If that is the case, all of your energy should be on this test! If I could legally promise by reading this book and following my method would get your license I would. Problem is I can’t because this test is YOURS. No one can fill in those bubbles and press the computer buttons except you. The Blueprint simplifies the process of passing the Theory. Reading this short book is the most efficient, reliable and effective way to get a passing score. "

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Benefits for Shop Owners

  1. Offer payment Flexibility for your customers
  2. Accept Credit and Debit Cards
  3. Wireless and Landline versions available
  4. Systems valued at over $1000

Benefits for Barbers/Stylists/Cosmetologists

  1. Take Payments with your Smart Phone
  2. Fast and convenient
  3. Collect Payments wherever you are
  4. Systems valued at $500
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