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The Blueprint - The fastest, most efficient reliable source for passing the State Board Exam!

Congratulations! You just made the second best investment of your barbering career. The best investment was getting into school! How is this book such a priority investment? The Blueprint was written with the sole intent to help you pass your State Board Theory Exam! In order to become a licensed barber, you MUST pass your Theory. NO EXCEPTIONS!!! If you are reading this, chances are, your test is coming up soon. If that is the case, all of your energy should be on this test! If I could legally promise by reading this book and following my method would get your license I would. Problem is I can’t because this test is YOURS. No one can fill in those bubbles and press the computer buttons except you. The Blueprint simplifies the process of passing the Theory. Reading this short book is the most efficient, reliable and effective way to get a passing score.

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Commonly Used Terms

Alkali or Base: The pH scale has acids 0 to 7 and alkalis 7 to 14. It can say alkali or a base. This is not the “base” used during a chemical service

Blood Spill or Exposure Incident: When blood or bodily fluids are present

Contagious or Communicable: When germs are passed from person to person

Electric massager or Vibrator: An electronic device placed on the back of your hand that vibrates your fingertips while you massage your client’s head and shoulders

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unfortunately you may run across parasites or pathogenic bacteria on your client.

As stated earlier while in the shop or school, unfortunately you may run across parasites or pathogenic bacteria on your client. If you notice this, stop and inform your client. For there to be something to tell you must have seen one of the objective symptoms. Symptoms come in 2 forms, objective and subjective. Subjective symptoms you cannot see but can feel. Examples of this type of symptom are pain, burning, itching, etc. Objective symptoms are the type you can see.

When you go to the doctor with a broken arm, the doctor could see your arm out of place and clarify it is broke. This is an objective symptom. But when the doctor asks how much pain are you in. This is a subjective symptom you are describing because no one can see your tolerance for pain. Remember if there is an object to see it is objective. If you are the subject of what is going on, it is subjective.

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NEVER put steam towels on open sores or abrasions.

towels in the device and they will remain warm while the device is turned on. NEVER put steam towels on open sores or abrasions.

Side Note: For test purposes, remember, if there are abrasions or open lesions present do NOT attempt any service because there is a higher chance of spreading contamination from one client to another.

A wet sanitizer is a jar big enough to hold a sanitizing solution as well as your implements so they may be sanitized. To mix your solution, follow the manufacturer’s instructions and leave your implements in the solution for the allotted time. Changing the solution by adding more or less of the solute alters the time frame of the procedure and could damage your supplies. If you leave them in less than the time you risk them not being fully clean. If you leave them in the solution longer than the required time, you risk the chance of the solution deteriorating them. They luster, strength and durability will start to fade away. After the proper cleaning time, remove them, rinse with warm water and dry them. From there, cover them until it is time for use. The wet sanitizer solution should be changed daily.

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The purpose of a shave is to remove hair with a razor without irritating or cutting the skin.

The purpose of a shave is to remove hair with a razor without irritating or cutting the skin. To help not irritate the skin and allow the blade to move smoothly, use a lathering agent. To prevent the spread of infection during a shave, never use the same blade on more than one client and after the service, used blades should be placed in a sharps container box. Sanitize the blade itself before and after every client. Also, use a clean towel or plastic cap on the headrest for every client. If a client has a skin infection or a lesion, do not give a shave service to that client. Lock your chair when doing this service to prevent the chair from moving while placing the blade against your client's face. To prevent from cutting yourself, never cut towards your hand. Instead use your index finger and your thumb to pull the skin in the opposite direction the blade will be moving and to not cut your client so easily, hold the razor at a 30 degree angle on the face. When the shave is complete, apply an astringent to cleanse the skin and close your client’s pores.

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There are 3 phases of bacteria. They are either active which is also known as vegetative; inactive which is known as spore forming or dead.

There are 3 phases of bacteria. They are either active which is also known as vegetative; inactive which is known as spore forming or dead. If they are active, they are growing and reproducing, inactive they are lying dormant until their release to become active. I know some people when they hear of something in a vegetative state they automatically assume it is about to die so it is dormant. In this case think of bacteria being in a garden. If you are active in your garden you are able to grow and multiply your crops. If you are inactive in your garden nothing is going to happen.

What is a spore? A spore is pretty much a force field that goes around the piece of bacteria and literally allows the piece of bacteria to go wherever the wind, rain or other earthly element takes it.

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